$785 Hydrojetting main sewer lines With Free Sewer Camera Inspection, Normal Price $1200

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Poorly maintained drain lines, heavy root intrusion, and severe blockages require a more aggressive drain cleaning approach. Exodus Plumbing, Inc. offers expert hydro jetting services to remove roots, dissolve years of grease and sludge buildup and clear poorly maintained drain lines. 

Hydro jetting is safe and effective for residential and commercial kitchen drains, utility drains, and main sewer lines. It is an ideal solution for preventative maintenance in frequent use drains and commercial properties such as restaurants, apartment complexes, and businesses.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to clean and descale clogged drain pipes. It uses water between 1,500 and 4,000 PSI, specialty nozzles that move in a 360 forward and reverse direction, and can descale heavily clogged lines, remove roots and leave your drains in a fully restored condition. 

Main Sewer Line Hydro Jetting

  • Roots – Roots enter main sewer lines through small cracks and can cause major damage. Hydro jetting safely removes roots from lines in good condition.  

  • Frequent Clogs – Constant drain blockages indicate a larger issue in the sewer line. A sewer camera inspection will determine the cause and whether hydro jetting is the best solution for repair.  

  • Heavy Grease & Sludge – Poorly maintained lines become clogged due to heavy grease build up, sludge, and hardened scale. Hydro jetting will cut through years of grease, sludge, and other elements closing off proper drain flow.  

Interior Drain Hydro Jetting  

  • Fats, Oils, & Grease – Even small amounts of grease will lead to kitchen blockages over time. The only way to cut through grease buildup is by removing it from the drain with expert hydro jetting.  

  • Soap, Dirt, & Debris – Product buildup and debris can clog bathroom and utility lines. Hydro jetting will safely clear away heavy [product buildup leaving a clear pipe.  

  • Foul Odors – Decaying organic material sits in drain lines causing foul odors. Hydro jetting solves clogs and leaves drains smelling fresh and clean.  


$350 for kitchen drains. normal price $425

Must mention the coupon when scheduling, this coupon can not be combined with another coupon

Hydro Jetting Benefits  

Hydro jetting has many benefits for home and business owners. As a preventative maintenance service, it can leave frequent use drains clear year-round to help customers avoid emergencies in the middle of the night. 

Cost Effective – Hydro jetting is an affordable solution for removing roots and heavy buildup. Alternative repair methods typically involve digging up the affected section of pipe.  

Fast – Depending on the severity of the clog, hydro jetting can be performed quickly restoring services on the same day in most cases. 

Environmentally Safe – Hydro Jetting does not use harsh chemicals making it environmentally safe. It is safe for pipes in good condition and is effective when performed by our professional drain specialists. 

Thorough – The most thorough way to restore drain lines without replacing them is hydro jetting. Using high pressure water, it will fully clean 360 degrees of the pipe.   

To learn more about hydro jetting in San Diego, CA from the border in the south to north county, or to schedule preventive maintenance for recurring drain issues, call Exodus Plumbing, Inc. We offer exceptional customer care, quality work and unbeatable prices. To learn more or schedule your service, call 858-354-8185 today!

Customer REVIEWS

Excellent service, responded same-day to a clogged drain that I couldn't clear with a 25 ft snake. Mauricio tried snaking and couldn't get it either, came back the next day to hydrojet and got it within an hour. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely use again for any plumbing needs. Competitive prices and overall great company.


Lynx V

Mauricio did excellent work and was very informative and responsive! It really made the difference to have good correspondence with the business I was hoping to get service from and Exodus plumbing was great at it and offered a competitive price to do work with repiping.


Jasmine K. 

Mauricio is the best plumber for your plumbing needs. Very competitive and reasonable pricing. First of all Mauricio will come out same day or following morning to inspect the situation. And give a prompt diagnostic and pricing. No travel fee what's so ever. If you think he is reasonable you hire on the spot and if not you move next company of plumber who typically charges $99 dollars to inspect your situation.


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