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Exodus Plumbing, Inc. has more than 10 years of experience performing sewer camera inspections and making quality repairs. We use advanced technology and provide affordable sewer drain repair and replacement options, including pipelining and pipe bursting. 

Using specialized drain cameras, we can inspect the entire sewer pipe to accurately view the condition, cause of blockage, and provide the ideal solution depending on your needs. 

Sewer camera inspections not only detect sewer blockages, but also detect and record the depth and precise location of damage, which is crucial to performing trenchless and traditional sewer repairs.  

A sewer camera inspection is necessary prior to all major sewer repairs, but we also recommend a sewer camera prior to the rainy season and before purchasing a new home.

When to Perform a Sewer Camera Inspection in San Diego, CA

Our team recommends a sewer camera inspection whenever you are experiencing frequent problems, when snaking a line does not clear the blockage, as well as to inspect the pipe prior to a repair or new home purchase. 

  • Older Homes – As homes age, so do sewer pipes. Over time, they break from natural shifting of the earth and root intrusion and can deteriorate causing missing sections or full collapse. These eventually lead to backups and can result in costly repairs. 

  • Frequent Blockages – Normal drain clogs happen through natural use, but frequent occurrences indicate larger problems. The most common cause of frequent backups is tree roots. Roots enter sewer lines through small seams or cracks and cause severe damage. A sewer camera inspection will provide an in-depth view of the cause and condition of the line allowing us to recommend the ideal solution for repair or replacement.


  • Large Trees – Trees and landscaping enhance a home’s beauty and value but can cause major damage to sewer drains. We recommend performing an annual sewer camera inspection to ensure roots are not causing issues.  

  • New Home Purchase – Performing an in-depth inspection in the sewer line prior to purchasing a new home can save you from experiencing surprise repairs. New home inspections only assess visible plumbing systems, so often there may be problems in the sewer line. With a camera inspection, new homeowners can make an informed decision.

  • Area Drains – Southern California is dry most of the year, and any property with an area drain is at risk of flooding when the rainy season hits. Throughout the summer, area drains can become clogged with rocks, dirt and debris. If it is clogged during a heavy rain, it can overflow leading to water and structural damage to your home or business. A sewer camera inspection is the only way to determine if area drains are clear.

Once we have identified the problem, we can provide multiple options for repair to suit your needs and budget.  With our advanced diagnosis, we can help home and business owners save money and avoid frequent blockages. We use advanced technology and provide exceptional customer service. 

As a family owned and operated company, we are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. We pride ourselves on the highest quality work and guarantee all our work.  

Call Exodus Plumbing, Inc. for sewer camera inspections in San Diego, CA from the border in the south to north county. We offer exceptional customer care, quality work and unbeatable prices. To learn more or schedule your consultation, call 858-354-8185 today!

Customer REVIEWS

Excellent service, responded same-day to a clogged drain that I couldn't clear with a 25 ft snake. Mauricio tried snaking and couldn't get it either, came back the next day to hydrojet and got it within an hour. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely use again for any plumbing needs. Competitive prices and overall great company.


Lynx V

Mauricio did excellent work and was very informative and responsive! It really made the difference to have good correspondence with the business I was hoping to get service from and Exodus plumbing was great at it and offered a competitive price to do work with repiping.


Jasmine K. 

Mauricio is the best plumber for your plumbing needs. Very competitive and reasonable pricing. First of all Mauricio will come out same day or following morning to inspect the situation. And give a prompt diagnostic and pricing. No travel fee what's so ever. If you think he is reasonable you hire on the spot and if not you move next company of plumber who typically charges $99 dollars to inspect your situation.


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