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As fixtures age, they experience wear and tear on components causing leaks. Pressure fluctuations and hard minerals in the water contribute to worn faucets, toilet seals, showerheads and supply lines.

Exodus Plumbing, Inc. has more than 10 years of experience in servicing, repairing, and installing high quality fixtures including faucets, showerheads, toilets, and garbage disposals. 

Kitchen & Lavatory Faucets

Pro Tip: If your kitchen or lavatory faucet has low water pressure, try removing and cleaning the aerator. Clogged faucet screens can reduce water flow. 

When your faucets drip after turning them off, are loose, or have low water pressure, contact the professional plumbers at Exodus Plumbing, Inc. 

A dripping faucet can waste more than 2,000 gallons of water per year.  Often, with homes that have fluctuating water pressure and/or hard water, the seals inside of most faucets become worn leading to slow leaks. Our team works to make repairs on fixtures in good condition whenever possible. 

If the faucet cannot be repaired, it is time to replace it with a new high-quality faucet. We offer a wide range of faucets to fit kitchen and lavatory design needs and your budget. Our team of experts recommends choosing a product that does not contain plastic parts, as those are not as long lasting. We will walk you through your options helping you to make the most informed decision for your needs. We will also assess the water pressure in your home or business. Excessive water pressure is one of the leading causes of frequent plumbing leaks. 


Pro Tip: If your shower head has hard water buildup and clogged spray holes, soak it in distilled white vinegar and hot water. 

Quality shower heads will last homeowners for many years. However, other elements may lead to leaks and failures. High water pressure can cause leaks in the pipes leading to the showerheads requiring reinstalling with new plumbers’ tape and can also cause leaks inside of the shower heads.

Many homeowners want to upgrade their fixtures to a high efficiency showerhead to help save water costs, but don’t want to sacrifice water pressure. Quality manufacturers are making great products with a high water savings while maintaining a luxury shower experience. 

Replacing a showerhead is also a way to transform an ordinary shower into a spa like experience with rainwater functions, music directly from the shower, LED light, and aromatherapy. 


Pro Tip: Address running toilets immediately. A running toilet can waste water and lead to overflows and water damage. 

Toilets can leak inside of the tank from a worn flapper or flush valve, from the toilet into the tank, and at the base. While running toilets are easy to identify by the sound, slow leaks from the toilet tank into the bowl can waste just as much water and go on for months before being noticeable. A dye tablet test can help identify where the toilet leak is coming from. Place it in the toilet tank and watch for color leaking into the bowl.

We can replace flappers and flush valves in no time to restore your services. If the leak is at the base, we can determine if it is a main sewer line problem.

Over time, toilets can fail requiring replacement. When internal parts are unavailable or worn beyond repair, replacing the toilet is the best option. 

Small hairline cracks can also occur from tightening bolts too much or age and cannot be repaired. A toilet can also lose flush power due to calcium deposits inside of the toilet drain. Sometimes, an acid treatment can restore flow, but most often a brand-new toilet will solve the problem permanently. 

Garbage Disposals

Pro Tip: Use the garbage disposal sparingly. It is only for pushing small particles through the line.

Some common disposal problems may include:

Humming sound when it is turned on, but nothing happens

It turns on, but the blades do not turn

It is leaking 

It drains slowly

If the disposal hums and nothing happens, the motor could be blown meaning it would have to be replaced. If it is humming, but the blades won’t turn, it could be jammed inside of the disposal or need a reset. Disposal leaks often mean a seal is broken somewhere in the disposal of kitchen drain and will typically require replacement. 

Our team can assess your disposal and determine if repair or replacement is needed. There are many choices in garbage disposals. Our team of experts will walk you through all options to fit your disposal needs and budget. We will also help to ensure the disposal remains in good working condition with tops to keep it running and clog free. 

Call Exodus Plumbing, Inc. for all your plumbing fixture repair needs in San Diego, CA from the border in the south to north county. We offer exceptional customer care, quality work and unbeatable prices. To learn more or schedule your consultation, call 858-354-8185 today!

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Excellent service, responded same-day to a clogged drain that I couldn't clear with a 25 ft snake. Mauricio tried snaking and couldn't get it either, came back the next day to hydrojet and got it within an hour. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely use again for any plumbing needs. Competitive prices and overall great company.


Lynx V

Mauricio did excellent work and was very informative and responsive! It really made the difference to have good correspondence with the business I was hoping to get service from and Exodus plumbing was great at it and offered a competitive price to do work with repiping.


Jasmine K. 

Mauricio is the best plumber for your plumbing needs. Very competitive and reasonable pricing. First of all Mauricio will come out same day or following morning to inspect the situation. And give a prompt diagnostic and pricing. No travel fee what's so ever. If you think he is reasonable you hire on the spot and if not you move next company of plumber who typically charges $99 dollars to inspect your situation.


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